Who Reads, What, Where and How Much Time ?

Its all about ROI. Is it worth spending some budget OHD ? However small it is.
We say Yes, its worth. We are transparent and share who sees your listing, when and where.

Readership Analytics gives you a transparent data to help you analyse the visbility created throughout the year. As we move into an era of multiple media platforms, analytics plays very important role in decision making. How much to spend and Where? We have created a transparent model giving you a clear picture of the readership of your hotel listing.
Graphical representation of readership analytics gives you a clear picture of ROI from listing with OHD Outbound Hotels Directory.
The performance of your listing in the directory is reflected by five major parameters:
--| Reads, Impressions, Average Time Spent
--| Publication Performance
--| Page Performance
--| From Who to Where, Reading Devices
--|Top Geographical Locations in India
These Analytics are for Digital Version only. Printed version readership is over and above the digital reads of OHD.

To list your hotel or resort please fill-in the Listing Questionnaire and send it to us along with the photographs
To download the Listing Questionnaire, send us a mail on:

Your hotel is listed across all media: Print. Digital and Mobile.